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All the best people are mad!! :)
a-trex asked: hi there! how are you doing? if you could meet any famous person, who would it be? If you could become the best at one thing, what would it be? :D


Hellloooooo, I’m fine thanks how are you??? It would have to be David Tennant because he’s the best doctor ever…….. and I guess it I’d have to say drawing because it’s something I cant do that I wish I could :D 


First 365 to reblog will get their URL put into a jar and every day in 2014, I will pick a URL out and write them a nice message on anon. I have seen many other people doing this and I just really like the idea. Please reblog only once and likes don’t count. :) 

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So guys I wanna do a thing. Basically reblog this or like it and I’m gonna put your URL in a jar and everyday i’m gonna pick one out at random and send some lovin<3

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Lifehouse- Everything skit.

This is incredibly powerful. It remains my all time favorite skit. 

If you haven’t seen it before I really encourage you to watch it all the way threw, it isn’t long and what the ending demonstrates blows my mind.

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i’m using Internet Explorer, i hope this posts quickly. happy new year 2011

its awesome because the longer this post circulates the funnier it will get

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